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Oct 30, 2013

Do comments about the Seahawks from the national media have you down after a 14-9 win over the Rams? Adam and Brandan remind Seattle fans that this team is 7-1 for the first time in franchise history. Not only that, this team is 4-1 on the road.

The guys discuss where some of the struggles were in the game, and focus on the defense as one of the biggest reasons why this team was able to pull out the win despite only 135 yards total on offense.

Dayna O'Gorman, Seahawks fan reporter for and co-host of the Wednesday Night With nflfemale podcast, joins the show to talk about the return of Michael Robinson and his presence on the sideline, her thoughts on Earl Thomas and how the defense played, as well as the struggles of the offensive line.

In their "Do Better" segment, they talk about Golden Tate and his 25-yard taunt on an 80-yard catch and how the offensive line must do better to keep Russell Wilson alive. A pair of Detroit Lions are recognized for being Better at Life than Skip Bayless and a moment of humility from Brett Favre and knowing when it's time to keep the cleats hung up also earns him a spot in the club.