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Mar 9, 2018

Apparently the Hawkpocalypse is here and it has started with Michael Bennett being traded to the Eagles. Before that trade was announced, reports came out that Richard Sherman was saying goodbye to teammates and reports are suggesting that his release from the team is imminent. But after listening to reports that he was going to be traded last year, is this actually going to happen?

Danny Kelly of the Ringer, former editor in chief at Field Gulls, joins the show and believes that this offseason will be the end of an era in Seattle and that it's time to "reboot" the defense with a younger group of players. After the Bennett trade, playing younger players is one of the main points that seems to resonate now from John Schneider's press conference at the combine. Danny was there and talks about some of the rumors he heard there and also about Shaquem Griffin and his combine performance.

If the Seahawks do free up some cap space going into free agency, we talk about where to spend the money. Danny talks about the offensive line, a couple of top free agents the Seahawks could have their eye on and how change their scheme can help lead to success in the run game.

Adam and Brandan continue the conversation about Richard Sherman and reasons why the team may see a need to move on and talk about two big reasons why she should stay. They also discuss some of the movement in the NFC West and how the Rams defense is going to face some similar struggles in the coming years.

Brandan sides with Danny's boss at the Ringer for his "Do better" callout this week, while Adam directs his "Do better" back at Bill Simmons. Then the show closes with Better at Life honors for a Panthers running back and to Michael Bennett for his Instagram post thanking the Seahawks organization and fans.

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