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Mar 8, 2021

This week show begins with a two-minute rundown of all the biggest stories that Adam has taken note of from the past week. Notably, Justin Britt signing with the Texans. Then we get into the clip behind one of the biggest stories of the week that was reported incorrectly . . . that the Seahawks are "shopping" Russell Wilson. When, after clarification, they were actually returning phone calls.

Dan Patrick, the host behind the interview that kicked off the offseason of drama, joined 950 KJR in Seattle and had a couple of statements that offer a national perspective of the situation with the Seahawks. If people in the national sports media have the idea that Pete Carroll isn't "all in" on Russell Wilson, then maybe the Seahawks coach has a problem when it comes to public messaging about his quarterback.

In news that came after recording the show, Carlos Dunlap was released by the Seahawks on Monday, but our discussion about relating his contract to J.J. Watt may actually provide some context to his departure. If Dunlap wasn't willing to restructure to a deal similar to Watt, Seattle may see that as the ceiling for the market for finding a free agents at that spot or if Dunlap were to return after testing the market.

In the second half of the episode, we respond to some comments from the Flock that came in regarding the current situation in Seattle. As people organize into Team Russ vs Team Pete, is it time to give up on the idea of being Team Work This Catfish Out and team up? Find out why Britni is no longer allowed near acid and why Michael Pittman may not catch many passes from Carson Wentz this year. We close out the show with some advice from OJ Simpson and award Better at Life honors to Aaron Levine for his recent coverage of Russell Wilson.

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