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Sep 10, 2014

The Seahawks continue their primetime dominance at home and defeat the Green Bay Packers 36-16. As great as the 20-point victory is, Brandan says the defensive performance is what impressed him the most. Brandan opens the show by talking about the scene around Seattle and the unveiling of the banner for the World Champion Seahawks.

The guys break down some of the biggest plays in the game, talk about how Aaron Rodgers completely avoided throwing at Richard Sherman, and discuss why Earl Thomas may want to learn how to call a fair catch.

The Seahawks go on the road this weekend to take on the San Diego Chargers who suffered an 18-17 defeat against the NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals. Looking at the matchup, and their performance against the Cards, the Seahawks match up very favorably. The only thing San Diego has going for it is the excitement around their home opener.

Tansey Allen, co-founder of the Seahawks Road Crew, talks about how Seattle fans are rallying to show up to the San Diego game to help give a boost to Seahawks players. If you're a fan who's going to be in southern California, you're going to want to tune in to find out about all of the events happening this weekend.

In the final segment of the show, Adam and Brandan read some recent reviews and announce this week's winner of the pick'em challenge. They go over their picks for the upcoming weekend, go after two prominent members in the Cowboys organization in Do Better, and a pair of Bay-area reporters and potential new owner of the Buffalo Bills are "better at life."