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Sep 18, 2014

The Chargers come out against the Seahawks and play a nearly flawless game in a 30-21 win in San Diego. Was it the heat, the Chargers execution on offense or something else? Find out why Sampson, a giant German shepherd, played a key role in the Seahawks loss.

Gerrad Timm, Denver Broncos fan and friend of the show, comes on the show to preview the "Super Bowl rematch." Before they get into the Broncos preview, Gerrad welcomes the 12s in joining other fan bases around the league who are widely disliked by other team's fans. He says the Broncos made a lot of changes in the offseason specifically for the reason to compete with the Seahawks.

In the second half of the show, the guys congratulate another weekly winner of the pick'em league and give their picks for the upcoming week. It's not too late to join. Sign up at

Brandan calls out Richard Sherman in the "Do Better" segment for avoiding the media and making that a big part of the story following the loss. Adam generalizes a local youth sports issue to call out anyone who coaches kids to be extremely careful of the messages and lessons they are teaching.

To close the show, the Vikings organization in the "Better at Life" segment sparks a discussion on Adrian Peterson and Adam recognizes a baseball player with the Orioles who went above and beyond the duty of a Good Samaritan.