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Feb 6, 2016

Before the discussion gets going, the guys talk about how the podcast schedule will go in the offseason. Listeners can plan to see a full podcast every other week. If you must go week-to-week bonus episodes will be offered every other week to those who support the show through Patreon. Either way, we'll be looking for your contributions to the show throughout the offseason.

After debating Cam Newton vs Russell Wilson for MVP earlier this season, the guys figure it's appropriate to bring a bit of closure to the topic as the awards are about to be announced. Brandan offers a USA Today article that brings up many of the reasons why Cam would be an appropriate choice for the honor, which Adam would prefer the award to go to a defensive player and also making the arguments for where Russell should receive consideration.

The guys take a look at some of Cam's comments from the week and discuss his choice to celebrate every first down. Brandan points out that Cam is far above all NFL rushers when it comes to the percentage of time he's rushing for a first down. Newton rushes for a first down on 40% of his attempts, but does it deserve a celebration after each one?

Finally, a shout out to the Montana Sea Hawkers group that is starting up and an invite to those in the Missoula area to attend coming up February 20.

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