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Jun 9, 2016

If there's a former Seahawks player you should know as a fan, it's running back Shaun Alexander. No other Seahawk has scored more touchdowns, no Seahawk has run for more yards and he's the only guy in franchise history to earn NFL league MVP. For a short time he held the NFL record for the most touchdowns in a single season and when Alexander was inside the red zone, opposing teams knew who was getting the ball, but it didn't matter. When Shaun got near the goal line, he was going to do what he needed to score.

Adam and Brandan talk about how the guys around him helped contribute to his success and how his style as a runner was different from what most Seahawks fans have enjoyed in other eras. Thanks to a trade of star receiver Joey Galloway, the Cowboys gave the Seahawks two first-round picks. One of those picks was for the Alabama running back and future MVP. 

In addition to talking about how his big payday soured some fans when he didn't live up to the contract, the guys consider whether or not Alexander should be considered for the Hall of Fame and how Alexander could fit in with the current Seahawks team.

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