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Dec 17, 2021

After the Seahawks 33-13 win over the Houston Texans, we're now starting to see the Seahawks show up in the 'in the hunt' section of the playoff picture. But can they stay there especially with a division rival up next on the schedule? Clinton Bonner joins the show with Brandan this week, as Adam is on an extended work trip to recap the biggest plays from the Texans game.

Tyler Lockett's performance this season now puts his name among the top wide receivers in franchise history while Rashaad Penny showed us some reasons to be excited about what he could bring to the team down the stretch this year. Lockett may be out against the game coming up against the Rams, but they rules for players to return could offer hope for Tyler and others to play on Sunday. The biggest question coming into this game is how will (or will) Pete Carroll change things up after it seems the Rams have the Seahawks number.

We discuss what may be the best stat line range for Russell Wilson to seemingly be at his best, and talk about a Rams player who needs to be kept out of the end zone for Seattle to have their best chance to win. Finally, we take a couple listener emails in the latter part of the show, while Brandan talks about some of the experiences down in Houston for this past road game.