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May 31, 2016

In the 40+ years of Seahawks football, only one guard has ever made it to the Pro Bowl, let alone get  selected as a first team All-Pro. With Steve Hutchinson next to Walter Jones, the left side of Seattle's offensive line has never been more solid. 

This show isn't just about the great player Hutch was during his time in Seattle, it's about missing out on what could have been a legendary duo that was ripped apart because of a general manager's decision to try and save what amounted to about 10 percent of a guy's salary for one year.

The Minnesota Vikings and Steve Hutchinson did something that will go down in the history of the NFL in terms of contract negotiations and the following retaliation by the Seahawks to show the ridiculous nature that "poison pill" contracts could reach. It' wasn't just Hutch's play on the field that makes him a memorable part of Seahawks history, but the way he left had a huge impact on his place in team history.

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